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5 Essential Steps to Keep in Mind Before Starting a New SEO Business


You are reading this because you do not want to miss any information or better tips to fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss. But there are other reasons as well and if possible, you can identify yourself with one of these below

The commonest reason to start the new SEO business is probably

• To kill the monotony of 9 to 5 job
• It requires little or no investment
• You have an estimate of the ‘Google ranking game’ and
• Maybe, you just want to go for the heck of it.

How do you start and what’s the bottleneck for the entry point?

First thing first; even if you know everything about search engines, their optimization tips and tricks, have an idea of how the industry works, still start with the basics. This is not to challenge your expertise, but to make yourself go back to square one as the starting point.

The thumb rule for any startup is to start from point zero. This will help you understand

• The basic nuances of search engine optimization
• The very recent changes which even the current professionals need to study
• Market trends and behaviors of the searches, their requirements and need
• An idea of how the competitors are working and of course
• You will create your goal for the company.

Well, we deliver what we promise and so without more delay, we like to share a few important and essential tips before starting a new SEO business.

1. Construct your own site and make sure that clearly defines your niche that you want to work for in the future.

If your target audience is caregivers for the terminally ill patients, build a site for the caregivers to the terminally ill patients.

How does it help?

The basic challenge for any startup is to find clients, and in this tech-savvy world you cannot go for cold callings and scream out your cords about your presence. You need to create a niche where visitors will come and find out about your presence.

Your website is your presence in the digital world; create an informative, engaging and smart website. Let the website speak for you. Your client will know you through your website as it is the online store for your clients.

Nothing wrong to become obsessed and fight crazy to get to page #1 of Google for SEO services and try to punch the related keywords in your geographical area.

2. Start with site auditor the first day.

The conversion rate is the game changer and mind it, with zillions of visitors and zero conversion rate, you duck.

More about site auditor

• It will take 5 minutes to add it to your website and set up as well.
• The visitors will always look forward to a free 9-page SEO audit of their website
• The time frame for this can be traded off with the period which takes to fill their web address, email, phone number, and a target keyword.
• To engage the visitors for this, you need to upload your colors, logo, and contact information, then easily embed MySiteAuditor’s SEO audit tool forms throughout your website

3. Engage your clients with information

Believe me, searchers are always hungry for relevant information which can be from data, info, material, and anything new and relevant. So, if you fulfil it, you get connected to them easily and quickly. The connection will help you to create your market and establish fast in the already overcrowded SEO market.

4. Stay active- Answer questions on the popular forums, create live chat on your website.

With a live chat option on your SEO Company’s website, you’ll get notified whenever a potential client is there on your site. They can message you for help which is actually great, or you can even reply/message them. This is actually something which establishes you as an expert in this domain.

Answering questions have to be done very carefully. You will be shunned if found pitching for your business, but a helpful attitude will help you lots. Forums are the places which have a lot of potential for everyone; new arrivals to create their presence, the established companies to prove that they still are reachable and also for individuals who accept the masses and searchers out there.

This is one the essential requirement to establish yourself in the SEO world where the fight is to stay ahead and mind it; the ones with the maximum knowledge and those keen to share it are the winners.

5. Branch out your company with web design services


It is a fact that you will lose your SEO services in the transition if you fail to deliver web design and development services. The SEO consulting will not help to stay in the digital marketing world and they need to work out on the strategies recommended to you.

For example, you offer your client with suggestions to improve their Magento site for their e-commerce SEO business. But as an SEO expert, you need to implement it as well. Offers and suggestions are two different things and believe me, there is plenty of literature available for free on the internet. You cannot just say the word of mouth and turn a winner.

So, are you prepared?

This is the age of performance and the SEO business needs the attitude of go- getter. Any number of dilly dailies will slow you and eventually, you will slip out of the game.

Start with this attitude from the first day as the world of SEO is not as simple as it appears. There are pressures, deadlines, staying updated and the burden to deliver results at any cost are the common challenges for the company.

Hire your employees very diligently, as without the right workforce you are not going to generate the results you are expected by your clients.

Last, always stay as a dedicated student of the SEO world and never consider yourself as an expert.

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