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7 Amazing Tools for E-Learning

Students worldwide are known to live a “budget-friendly” life after spending quite a heavy sum on college fees. Most of the scholars try to use services that demand a low fee structure. Still, most of them are left with a little to nothing for personal use. Although with time, professionals are creating various platforms to tackle this subject.

Almost everyone in the field of teaching is keen on making an online course that is beneficial and most importantly, free to use for the students. Various e-learning tools are going through a process of creation, and more than a thousand others are available online for your assistance.

Here are 7 amazing e-learning tools that you can use to author any desirable course.

1. GLO Maker: GLO Maker invites all the aspiring creators to use their platform for crafting interactive and user-friendly learning content. The motto of this platform is to let teachers use “freestyle” methods to design their own templates according to their needs. It does not compromise with the power of its service, albeit its free usage.

2. Learn Base: The team at Learn Base believes in providing an engaging learning experience for students. This is the reason why they offer unique tools to curate an interactive training experience which everyone deserves. The specialized “Video lesson maker” supports teachers to craft pleasant video learning sequences that are easily understood by the viewer.

3. Course Lab: CourseLab is a strong e-learning authoring program. It is available in a free version as well as a commercial version too. It is one of the finest e-learning tools that guarantee high-quality content to their consumers. It is more academically ambitious than any other e-learning platform claims to be.

4. IsEasy: IsEasy is an authoring tool which offers a cloud-based e-learning platform. It allows users, even with a piece of limited technical knowledge to create content for learning. As its name claims, it is easy to use and has a great ability to get more dynamic results.

5. Udutu: At Udutu, the management strives to offer an easy e-learning experience with its cloud-based learning management system. As a professional authoring tool, Udutu provides its services to both academic and industrial sectors.

6. Think Exam: As its name suggests, Think Exam is a destination to provide students with mock online assessments. It is a platform that allows its users to generate quizzes and tests, which is undoubtedly a great way to practice and test the knowledge for students.

A system that lets you prepare and assess students through your authored programs Think Exam is an easy and well-curated e-learning tool.

7. Morzino: Unlike any other e-learning platform, Morzino offers a community that allows users to create a “virtual class” kind of environment for learning. With the availability of web apps and courses, Morzino is a more academically driven program which lets the teachers assess their students on a more personal level, through periodic assessments. Worksheets are available online to practice and improve in an interactive way. On top of all this, it is absolutely free to use for all!

E-learning platforms are providing their services to millions of users on a daily basis due to their efficiency. If you are looking for professional help to learn or author e-learning then, these e-learning tools will guide with utmost dependency.

The best part is that these are open for anybody who is willing to learn, teach or do both at the same time. Offering a wide variety of learning methods, E-learning tools give you the freedom to incorporate a various combination of media. So gear up and pick the most appropriate e-learning tool for yourself.

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