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Trained 1000+ professionals in Delhi/NCR

Corporate Technologist

  • 55 Modules
  • 8 Live Projects
  • 6 Months Duration
  • 5000 Ads Credit
  • 1 Month Internship
  • Adv. Entrepreneurship
  • Manager Level Training

What You Will Get

  • 8 yrs+ Trainer Exp.
  • 24×7 Online Support
  • Google Adwords Certifications
  • Google Analytics Certifications
  • Bing Certification

Advanced Digital Marketing

  • 16 Modules
  • 3 Live Projects
  • 3 Months Duration
  • Executive Level Training
  • 10 Certifications
  • Fee 30k ( Inc. GST )

    Digital Marketing Course Core Modules

    Well Designed Modules as per current Industry Trends


    Overview of 
    Digital Marketing


    Search Engine Optimization


    Google Webmaster & 
    Google Analytics


    Search Engine Marketing


    Social Media Optimization


    Social Media Marketing


    Email & Content


    Lead Generation 
    For Business


    Ecommerce & Mobile


    Video Marketing & 
    Online Reputation Management


    We are providing 16 Modules in our Digital Marketing Training in Delhi: We have divided courses into 28 parts. Our digital marketing course content is specially designed for newbies and beginners for better career.

    Introduction of Digital Marketing

    In first module, we will give you basic term information. We will cover these topics:

    • Basic of Online Marketing
    • Difference of Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
    • Search Engine Basics
    • Key points of internet marketing
    • Basic terms use in internet marketing
    • Effective platforms for promotions
    • Why people moving in digital marketing?
    • How much business can you grab after using internet marketing techniques?
    • Structure of Online Marketing
    • Fundamentals of Google Algorithm

    Website Creation and Introduction

    In second Module, we teach you how to create your own website with the help of wordpress. We will cover these topics:

    • Webpage and website
    • Basics of HTML
    • Other languages for website creation
    • Common tag
    • PHP Based Platform
    • WordPress
    • Difference between themes and plugins
    • Posts vs pages
    • Category vs tags
    • General Customization

    Search Engine Optimization

    In Third Module, we were discussing about Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process to optimize your webpage for high ranking on search engines. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Seo?
    • What is Search Engine?
    • How search engine works?
    • Objective of Seo
    • Types of seo
    • What is Onpage seo?
    • Domain optimization
    • Meta tags Optimization
    • Content Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • Latent Semantic Indexing
    • Robots.txt
    • Sitemap.xml
    • Website Loading
    • Schema
    • Use of Internal Link vs External link
    • Types of Linking
    • How to Create a Anchor Tag?
    • Difference between Inbound and Outbound linking
    • Ways of Linking
    • Techniques of Seo
    • Process of Backlinks
    • Blog Commenting
    • Directory Submission
    • Article Submission
    • Forum Posting
    • Guest Posting
    • PDF Submission
    • RSS Submission
    • Image Submission
    • Classified Submission
    • Video Submission
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Reference Submission
    • Press Release Submission
    • Effective ways of Backlinks
    • Types of Link Juices
    • Difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority
    • Difference between Domain Rating and URL Rating
    • Majestic SEO
    • Ahrefs
    • Find out top authority content for backlinks

    Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a process to get higher visibility in ads position through creating and bidding on ads by use of Google Adwords. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Google Adwords
    • What is Bing Ads
    • What is Campaign?
    • What is Adgroups?
    • Difference between Ads and Keywords?
    • How many types of ads?
    • Difference between dynamic search ads and dynamic keyword insertion?
    • Keyword Match Types
    • Broad Match Types
    • Phrase Match Types
    • Exact Match Types
    • Broad Modified Match Types
    • Ad Extension
    • Bid Adjustment
    • How to control fraud click on your ad
    • Bid Simulator
    • Advanced location options

    Social Media Optimization

    Social Media Optimization is a process to increase your visibility through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Social Media?
    • Social Media Uses
    • Social Media Platforms
    • Benefits of social media
    • How to target right audience?
    • Social media tools
    • How to add large number of friends in single click
    • How to grow your Instagram fast?
    • How to use Pinterest?

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing is a process to promote your website, facebook pages through Facebook business and Twitter ads for gaining higher visibility and customers. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Social Media Marketing?
    • How many types of ads can we run on facebook?
    • How to use facebook for lead generation?
    • Can we use facebook for branding?
    • How to target right audience?
    • How to increase likes of facebook business page?
    • Run ad on Instagram
    • How to grow your Instagram fast?
    • How to run ad on Linkedin?
    • How to run ad on twitter?
    • How to increase engagement of tweets?

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing is a process to send bulk emails in a single click. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Email Marketing?
    • How many types of Email Marketing?
    • How to use aweber?
    • Can we use Mailchimp for Email Marketing?
    • How to collect data for Email Marketing?
    • How to send bulk email with your own mail server?
    • Every post notifications on Email
    • Collects leads from Email
    • How to create newsletter for Email Marketing?

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing is a process to write potential content which can make sell through content. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Content Marketing?
    • How many types of Content Marketing?
    • What is iwriter?
    • Difference between Informative and Potential Content?
    • How to generate leads through potential content?
    • How to target potential customers through right content?
    • Find right keywords for content marketing
    • Effective content marketing strategy

    Ecommerce Marketing

    Ecommerce Marketing is a process to increase your sales through seo, social media sites, email marketing, content marketing, etc. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Ecommerce Marketing?
    • Difference between Normal seo and Ecommerce website seo?
    • What is the role of reviews in ecommerce marketing?
    • How to increase ecommerce sales through facebook?
    • Ecommerce basic concepts?
    • How to promote large products in single click?
    • Effective strategy plan for Ecommerce website

    Video Optimization

    Video Optimization is a process to get higher positions in youtube search results by working on video optimization steps. We will cover these topics:

    • Video Optimization Basics
    • How to increase your views on youtube?
    • How to monetize your youtube video?
    • How to rank videos in 24hr in youtube?
    • How to get more subscribers in youtube
    • How to get more views with low subscribers?
    • Social media impact on youtube video ranking

    Video Marketing

    Video Marketing is a process to promote your video through Google Adwords, Facebook and Twitter. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Video Marketing?
    • Difference between Video Marketing Vs Video Optimization?
    • How to promote videos through Google Adwords?
    • What is CPV and CPM?
    • Video Marketing basic concepts
    • True View Ads vs Stream Ads

    Lead Generation For Business

    Lead Generation is a very important for any business. It helps you to start getting business leads in very short period of time. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Leads?
    • Difference between Leads Vs Sales?
    • How to generate leads through Search Engine Optimization?
    • How to generate leads through Facebook?
    • How to generate leads through twitter?
    • How to generate leads through Google Adwords?
    • What is Sales Funnel?
    • What is Sales Metrics?
    • Difference between Micro conversion and Macro conversion?

    Google Webmaster Tool

    Google Webmaster tool helps you to control your website or webpage in search engine like your crawling error, 404 pages, indexing, etc. We will cover these topics:

    • Use of Google Webmaster
    • What is Search Appearance in Google Webmaster tool?
    • What is Data Highlighter?
    • What is Rich snippets or Schema?
    • What is HTML Improvements?
    • What is AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) in GWM?
    • How to use AMP in HTML pages?
    • What is Search Analytics?
    • What is Queries in Google Webmaster tools?
    • What is Crawl Stats vs Crawl Error?
    • How to remove pages from Google Search results?
    • How to index pages in search engine through Google Webmaster?
    • How to Check Robots.txt?
    • How to remove bad backlinks from your website?

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics tool helps you to analyse your website traffic. We will cover these topics:

    • Use of Google Analytics
    • How to attach Google Analytics with website?
    • How to check visitors in real time through Google Analytics?
    • Difference between Session vs Page view
    • How to check user behaviour from Google Analytics?
    • How to check user browser from which he is coming to your website?
    • How to check user coming from Organic, Social or direct?

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is a process to start earning commission by selling some other’s website products. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Affiliate Marketing?
    • Minimum eligibility for Affiliate Marketing
    • How can we start earning from Affiliate Marketing?
    • How to differentiate between potential keyword vs Normal keyword?
    • How to find low competitive keywords with high potential for Affiliate Marketing?
    • How to apply for Commission Junction and Vcommision?
    • Differentiate between CPA and CPL?
    • Easy steps to earn from Affiliate Marketing

    Google Adsense

    Google adsense is a platform use to get ads on your website or webpages. We will cover these topics:

    • What is Google Adsense?
    • Difference between Google Adwords vs Google Analytics
    • How much minimum traffic i need for Google adsense approval?
    • Which sizes for Adsense is very effective?
    • Difference between Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing?
    • What is CPC?
    • Easy steps for Google Adsense
    • Top Internet Marketing Institute in Delhi Case Studies

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