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Best Tools for SEO Audit 2019

SEO Audit Tools

Everybody wants to know that how’s their blog or site SEO is working, is it correctly implemented or an update is required.

Thus, for this SEO Audit Tools are used to ensure that where our SEO is stand. SEO Audit tools show the result of

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. Technical

Best Tools for SEO Audit

You can use these tools for full SEO Audit that include On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical and Competitor analysis.

Best Tools for Technical SEO Audit

These are the best for technical SEO Audit, but the Screaming frog is one of the finest technical tools and the winner of the Technical SEO audit.

Best Tools for On-Page SEO Audit

Now again, ScreamingFrog provide us a wide range of On-Page SEO issues, hence is the top choice for on-page SEO audit.

  • Meta titles and description
  • Duplicate content
  • Internal and External Broken links
  • Page load issues
  • Find broken page links that could hurt UX of our website

Best Tools for Off-Page SEO Audit

Ahref is clearly the winner of them all when you are looking for a tool for Off-Page SEO Audit.

Most of the experts use Ahref,

1. To check the new backlinks and media mentions
2. Domain Backlinks and Social Media Platforms comparison
3. For Link building strategies

Best Tools for SEO Competitor Analysis

SEMRush is best SEO competitor analysis tool for Beginners/Experts because SEMRush is providing data of

1. Organic visibility and change in ranking
2. Show list of pages that driving organic traffic to the competitor website
3. Complete analysis of competitor results across Google and Bing.

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