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Best Ways to Promote Your Fresh Mobile App

With the arrival of new technologies, a whole new ecosystem has emerged. Today, people use mobile applications daily to handle different tasks. From magazines, shopping list apps and games to health apps. One might think that there is an application for everything. But how can you gain a place in this maze of apps? How to get more users for your app? In this article, we cover some best marketing strategies to run a campaign for your fresh app.

Make your app noticeable – App Store Optimization

Promoting your app starts in the app store. At Google Play and the Apple App Store, millions of people are eagerly searching daily for new apps that they can install on their smartphone. Your app should be there, right?

Becoming visible in app stores is accompanied by both direct and indirect factors. On the one hand, you have a grip on what you put down when publishing your app. Such as the keywords you use, the name of your app, the icon of your app, screenshots, etc. On the other hand, you depend on the behavior of your visitors. Consider click-through (CTR), a number of downloads or number of times deleted.

The most significant points for optimizing your app

Are you curious about what you should all take into account when optimizing the on-page factors?

1. Optimize the name & title of your app
2. Do market and keyword research
3. Make an eye-catching icon and promotional materials
4. Localize and Internationalize

The popularity and findability of your app strongly depend on a number of downloads. The app stores make it probable to roll out your app globally. Have you ever thought about broadening your app? How many additional markets can you approach?

5. The size of the app

Remember that an app that is too large can have a negative effect on your ultimate goals.

App install ads

App installs ads are designed to generate app installs from sources outside of app marketplaces. There are plenty of ways to buy, install app traffic. You can get app installs with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other advertisement solutions.

Facebook App install ads

Over the years, Facebook has become a significant player in the app marketing channel. It is therefore not surprising that there is a lot to be gained with app installations. With Facebook business, you get unprecedented opportunities for targeted advertising.

Using Facebook, your potential audience can be huge, and you can define the target group very precisely.

Facebook app install ads

With more than two billion apps in the App Store, the competition is ruthless. This has led many developers to increase the success of their apps through paid channels such as Facebook Ads.

Launching a Facebook ad campaign can be the best decision ever and can lead to positive results. On the other hand, if the campaign is not executed properly, the costs of a campaign can be lost.

How to use Facebook ads to promote your app?

In short, app developers can achieve a lot through Facebook ads – more installations, more interaction, better retention rates and even higher rankings in the App Store.

Good reviews of your app – the key to success

Another critical factor in getting your app higher in the app store is to have good reviews and rating.

The rating enables people to rate your app between 1 and 5 stars, depending on their thoughts about your app.

App reviews, on the other hand, provide in-depth details of users’ satisfaction. Reviews are especially important for new users, as they often decide to download your app depending on other users’ reviews. For developers, reviews are the most reliable source of information about user satisfaction, and about bugs and problems.

Thus, it’s important to encourage users to leave positive ratings and comments. Remind people who are already using the app to leave positive feedback.

Promote your app with pre-registration feature

By informing users about pre-registration option, you can increase enthusiasm and information about your game or app in countries that you choose before you distribute your app on Google Play.

When your game or app is ready for pre-registration, users will have the ability to view your store listing and read more about pre-registration for your new app. After your app is published, users will be immediately informed about it via push notification from Google Play. Therefore, they will have the option to install the app finally. You can also create pre-registration rewards to promote your app before it’s published.

Re-engage lapsed users

When users forget about your app, that certainly doesn’t mean you should give up on them!

Lapsed users are such customers who haven’t used your app for a long time or who haven’t been active. What can you do to re-engage them?

Re-engagement push-notifications

You can keep your users engaged with regular and individually designed push notifications.

Show users that you are still alive and share with them news about the app.

New offers

Instead of reporting back with general news, you can also respond with new app features or new offers – the more tailored to your customers, the better!

Special discount for existing users

Last but not least, you can provide your products and services on special terms for those who have already used them once. Special prices, discounts, incentives – everything is possible!

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