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Boost your SEO by Finding the Right LSI keywords

Using latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords- terms and phrases that are related to the target keyword of a website page, in that page’s content can be extremely beneficial to your SEO results. That is, if you know how to find them. The rise of LSI search , employed by search engines in their efforts to get more accurate results.

Here are four strategies that can help you to find the right LSI keywords for your site content and how to obtain their benefits:

1) LSI keywords are more than just synonyms

In deciding your LSI keywords, you have to keep up a broad perspective of your targeted keyword’s topic; don’t just plug in different words that mean pretty much a similar thing. For example, a page focusing on “best beaches in New York” shouldn’t simply use synonym based LSI keywords like “best shore in New York” and “best coast in New York,” but should also use terms that portray the subject more conceptually, i.e. “New York beach vacation,” or “New York water getaways.”

2) Investigate other Google searches related to your topic

When searching for LSI keywords appropriate for a page’s goal, basic google searches are loaded with strong suggestions. Do a google search for your targeted keywords, the bottom of the search results will usually give way a slide of related searched keywords that effectively tell you what google think to be relevant to the search topic. This allows you to select the right keywords based on real search phrases.

LSI Keywords

Another significant keyword finding strategy is to view the other strings that show up in google search bar as you type in your target.

LSI Keywords

Much like a semantic keyword tool, these promptly available Google search results can give way highly valuable suggestion that you may not think of alone. Furthermore, you can get them for nothing and inside seconds.

3) Find LSI keywords with Google’s Keyword Planner tool

Going a step further, Google also provides the Keywoord Planner Tool to help in finding appropriate keywords. This tool lends itself deciding LSI keywords: it can suggest thousands of keywords relevant to a website along with commonly related terms and phrases.

Beyond finding LSI keywords, the way that the Keyword Planner tool recognizes SEO Keywords with high traffic and low competition enables you to shape their LSI strategies wisely. Thusly, you can target content around those LSI keywords that will give the best result for their buck.

4) Use the LSIGraph tool

Another free tool, LSIGraph is specially intended to generate LSI keywords that match your page content. Web advertisers and content producers simply need to type a keyword into the tool to receive the list of related keywords, like so:


Note: with such huge numbers of LSI keywords to choose from, it becomes essential to resist the urge to exceed it and use too much for a single content. Doing so is a risk of keyword stuffing. The act of overusing keywords results in stiff search engine penalties and harm your positive SEO efforts.

Keep in mind that LSI keywords should be used in a page content where they are a natural fit, in order to maximize the SEO benefits. By using these tools and techniques to finding the right LSI keywords, you can increase your content’s relevancy and winning more customers.

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