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Common WordPress SEO Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

WordPress provides a lot of helpful features for blogging lovers who are hoping to begin their own blogging site. In any case, unprofessional bloggers do commit a few mistakes regardless of all the online help accessible. In this blog entry, we will survey the most widely recognized SEO WordPress mistakes that bloggers commit out of either obliviousness or sheer indiscretion. Regardless of the reason, these mistakes affect the ranking of their blogs and even their online reputation.

So, lets explore the most common WordPress SEO mistakes made by bloggers.

1. Not using the right SEO optimized WordPress theme

If you are not using the SEO optimized WordPress themes, you are obviously a step behind than the other people who are depending on them. There is a lot of SEO optimized theme available to choose from according to your niche.

2. Missing on an SEO optimized contact form

Regardless of whether your WordPress blog is in its initial stage, it needs to provide a point of contact to its viewers, even if they are less in the number than expected. A contact form fills the need perfectly. Your contact form is a conversion, hence optimizing it for the right SEO keywords will help your visitors to find your blog.

3. Not buying a domain

Are you running a blog with a default WordPress address? If yes, then you are doing it wrong. A blog or website runs well only when it runs according to the need of its target audience. A well researched domain name provides an identity to your blog and hence increase visitors trust. Not buying a domain can harm traffic, trustworthiness and search ranking.

4. Not optimizing blog images

An awesome blog comes to being just when its relevant content is matched with unique and high quality pictures. However, a lot of WordPress blog and site owners neglect to tap the optimization of these pictures. It is important to optimize the pictures you use on your WordPress blog. It enables your site to load quicker and even upgrades your Google Page Speed score.

To optimize your blog images, you can look for assistance from image optimization plugins for WordPress, for example, Smush It, EWWW Image Optimizer, and TinyPNG. These plugins will enable you to compress your images without affecting their resolution and also take care of their SEO.

5. Choosing the wrong keyword

Your blog’s reach-ability depends totally on the Keyword picked by you for its Search Engine Optimization. Keyword Research may be an exceptionally broad idea, however it can do wonders for your blog’s SEO whenever done in the correct way.

You need to deal with an SEO Keyword strategy for your blog in a way that you are using Keywords that characterize the subject of your content, are low in competition yet are commonly utilized by visitors for finding the information they are searching for. Finding Keywords that fit in your requirements can be a significant assignment and might overpower certain users. As requested they might be, they require your focus or the interest if you are hoping to rank your blog well.

6. Not focusing on loading speed

Your online WordPress blogs loading time will highly affect the visitor traffic on it and furthermore the webpage relinquishment ratio that follows if your WordPress blog takes a lot of time to load for its viewers. A loading time over 2-3 seconds can prompt to a lot of visitors visiting to your blog.

If you are really concerned about your blog loading time, you must use these plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache or WP Super Cache. These plugins are easy to use and help your blog open very fast.

7. Not focusing on content and readability

One of the most essential parts of your blog is the content that you add to it. It should be a high quality when you are hoping to do no SEO mistakes in and around it. Ensure the following things about your blog’s content:

Add unique content that is relevant according to your targeted audience.

Ensure that this content is clear and provides a ‘takeaway’ for the audience.

Consistently doing blogging will help you to have a stable traffic on your blog. Use plugins like the Editorial Calendar to blog regularly.

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