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Google New Feature Allow Users To Comment on Search Results

Google is planning to roll out a new feature that will enable users to comment on search results that could be seen by others.

While the comment feature has not yet gone live, an official Google Help Document has defined how it would work. The official document clarifies how users can leave and read comments from others.

Furthermore, there is also a page dedicated to comments inside the search contributions section of users’ Google profiles.

As per that page, users will add remarks to sports games while they are live.

Google’s official help page states, “You can leave comments on things you’ve looked for on Google.”

That may indicate that Google plans to roll out the commenting feature to additional content as well.

Comments are not yet live on search results, but the feature will likely be available in the near future.

This is how users will comment on search results when it finally does go live.

How to Leave Comments in Google Search

Leaving a comment:

  • Go to or open the Google app.
  • Do a search.
  • In the overview box, tap or click ‘More.’
  • Tap or click Comments and then Viewers.
  • Tap or click Add a public comment…
  • Enter your comment.

Users cannot anonymously comment on google search results, should be signed in to their Google account.

It will be possible to delete comment after leaving comment on the search results.

Users can easily read comments left by other users as well as rate them with ‘like’ and ‘dislike’.

This will be an exciting feature to keep an eye on after its roll out. It could add a completely new feature to Google search results.

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