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How to Increase Traffic and Conversions with PPC Ads?

Search engine optimization, social media marketing, remarketing, email marketing, and paid advertisements.

All these are a form of marketing practices which are usually targeted to generate

• Organic traffic
• Clicks
• Conversions

I am sure this is what you are looking for as well.

Among all the mentioned types of digital marketing, PPC ads are one of the most exciting options which can help to generate a lot of clicks and conversions.




But, the idea of targeting the ideal audience remains one of the most searched queries. As if you don’t create a good ad, all the investments might end up turning a total waste.

So, here we bring up some of the essential hacks that will help you to generate the right amount of traffic and conversions which will help improving your brand’s credibility as well. Hence, lowering the overall click through rates.

• Switch to Manual Bidding

Well, PPC can be challenging. And, sometimes even for the learned marketers as well. It’s not about creating an ad. It’s about using those 30 characters in the best possible way.

If you can’t be a smart marketer, then eventually everything will turn out to be a total loss of investment along with your valuable time.

While, you can use the sample Google ads that might reduce the cost of your campaign by more than 10%. But, if you wish to target certain keywords, then switching to manual bidding will be much more beneficial as it will help in reaching out to the target audience much faster.

End result- More convertibility and hence more sales.

That’s what you are aiming for the entire time. Right?

Tips when switching to manual bidding

– Start with one campaign at a time as manual bidding can be time-consuming as hell.
– Lower the bids of non-performing keywords. It will only lose your investment instead of generating more sales.
– Increase the bids of high performing keywords to generate leads and conversions along with good traffic.
– Utilize the CPC wisely when considering different devices.

• Put Aside a List of Negative Keywords

Like the highest performing keywords are essential for a PPC ad campaign, similarly negative keywords hold importance as well. They will help save your investment by reducing the range of clicks which are not appropriate for your ad at all.

Hence, helpful in reducing the chances of any unwanted clicks. So, saving your budget for the target ads. This will also help improving your click through rates as well.

• Go Social First

Google ads and Bing ads are great medium to promote your services for the right conversions. But, what’s the point when you can’t reach your target audience. For that, going to the social platforms for ad promotion will be helpful in the best possible way.

As you know, millions of users are using different social media platforms. So, your buyer is also among those millions. Hence, a win-win situation for you and your buyers simultaneously.

Targeting ads using the social platforms have generated 2 times more with around 30% less cost-per-click. Isn’t that amazing?

• Look For Your Competitors Terms or Keywords

Keeping an eye on the competitors branded terms or keywords is what should be on the list of essentials. If you won’t, there is a chance that they might be doing that. So, you might end up losing your potential target audiences.

So, include the terms in your ads, and make them more searchable as compared to your competitors.

Tip- Create an awesome landing page for your PPC ads to engage more audience or customers. Hence, improving conversions and traffic considerably.

• Create Killer Ads with Relevant Extensions

Ad copywriting is not using some words with keywords. It’s actually making a canvas with amazing picture which can target audience compelling them to click, the moment they see your ad.

So, write something simple but exceptional to include every USP of your product or service and target accordingly. Including a strong call-to-action will always help to reach your potential customers right away.

Along with that, including ad extensions will help enhancing the visibility of your ads in a much better way than otherwise. Hence, good CTR and overall improvement in the ROI. There are many types of ad extensions available such as sitelink, call, location, app, review.

Use the one which suits your ad the best.

So, use the mentioned tips and tricks and see your ads perform better than before that too more effectively with great conversions and traffic as the perks of writing amazing ads.

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