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Is Google Image Search Rolling Out A New Design for Image Preview?

Is Google Image Search Rolling Out A New Design for Image Preview?
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Google image search appears to be rolling out a new design for the previews inside image search results. When you tap on an image, rather than loading the preview in a dark background frame as it did, Google image result is now showing the image preview on the right-hand side. Many on social networking and in the forums are seeing this new design and interface.

The last change to Google Image search design was back in September 2018

What does the image preview look like at this point? The image above shows the layout, including a white preview box on the right-hand side. It shows a bigger thumbnail of the image with the site name, title, depiction, copyright message, bookmark button, share button, and a link to “see more.” Moreover, it shows related images and related searches for that particular image.

What did the image preview look like previously? I can right now access the old design in Chrome, however just when logged out. The big difference is the dark background preview area that shows similar information, but uses a lot of space.

Here is a screenshot of the old image preview:

Google Image Search Rolling Out A New Design for Image Preview
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Is this rolling out to everyone? It is not clear right now. Google is knowing for testing user interfaces and structures within their services. Furthermore, with image search, Google may use one-page layout in the United States and totally different layout in Germany for legal and compliance reasons.

For what reason does it make a difference? At first look, the new design for the preview makes the preview window less visible. If the fewer individuals see the preview window, it may prompt less clicks on the picture that take the searcher to the page with the picture on it. So, it might prompt less activity to the site hosting this particular picture.

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