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Now Bing Ads Count Conversions Based on the Time of Ad Clicks

Bing Ads have now updated its conversion tracking feature and will now count conversion based on ad clicks.

In a related updated, Bind ads will now provide details regarding assists based on ad click that contributed to a conversion.

Bing says it is applying these changes after getting feedbacks from advertisers.

As a result, advertisers can expect progress on the performance of ads schedule bid modifiers. They will now adjust better to the time of the click, relatively than the time of the conversion.

Bing offers an example to represent how advertisers will see the impacts of these changes in everyday reporting.

I will reword the Bing’s example in the points below:

Day 1: A user taps on an ad for “keyword 1” and glances through the site but does not make a purchase.

Day 2: The same user taps on another ad from the same business, but for a different “keyword 2”. The searcher adds an item to their cart.

Day 3: The user manually visits the site again and purchases the item they added to their cart on day 2.

Concerning the example above, Bing Ads will provide details regarding the conversion event and assist event based on the time of the ad click.

While this change takes off, sites that normally have longer conversion windows may see a few variances in their reporting as the new data alleviates.

Sites that normally prompt conversions shortly after the click will probably not see much difference in reporting because of this update.

Bing ads will keep on using a last-click attribution model for conversion tracking.

Advertisers using auto bidding won’t have to take any action on their own, as the algorithm optimizes using historical data.

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