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Users Now Enable Call Reporting at Account Level in Google Ads

The new feature means no more neglecting to enable call reporting for each call extension and call only ad.

Starting last month, Google Ads sponsors can enable call reporting for all call only campaigns and call extensions in their account in a single spot. The new account level setting will take off throughout the following couple of weeks.

Why use this setting? Up to this point, promoters who needed to enable call reporting have needed to make a point to enable it each time they included another extension or call only ad. Since there’s no incredible method to audit this without looking at every individual extension and ad, it’s not uncommon for sponsors to acknowledge they have revealed gaps. For sponsors who don’t require particular call reporting at the extension or ad level, the new account level call reporting setting will streamline setup and guarantee activation don’t become lost despite a general sense of vigilance.

At the point when not to use this setting. If you are using different call reporting settings with different conversion actions throughout your account, and like to keep it as such, at that point this isn’t for you. It will apply a similar call reporting setting over your whole account.

How to set account level call reporting. To allow call-reporting at the account level, go to your campaigns and tap on “Settings” menu in the left-hand side. At that point tap on the “Account Settings” tab, and you’ll see the call reporting option.

You will see an alert warning after opting in, you won’t be able to set or change calls reporting at the extension or ad levels: “By choosing account-level call reporting to streamline how you deal with your reporting settings, you won’t be able to set or alter call reporting for individual call extensions or call-only ads pushing ahead.”

Call reporting 101. Google forwarding numbers works with call-reporting to track when call extensions and call only ads on the Google Search Network produce telephone calls. A Google forwarding number gets assigned consequently when call reporting is active.

The reporting catches call details, for example, duration, start and end time, caller zone code, and whether a call was connected. Calls can likewise be recorded as conversions.

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